Friday, 7 August 2009

1935 Singer Airstream

Ideally this post would have had photographs taken by myself, but unfortunately the UK Museum which houses a dark blue unrestored 1935 Singer Airstream does not allow photography, rigorously enforced by staff meaning you're never out of sight, especially as they follow you around. The Singer Airstream was one of the first streamlined vehicles, and the only streamlined production car made in the UK that I know of before the Second World War. As well as the streamlined body design, the body is also pillarless, so the rear passenger doors open 'suicide' style. I wasn't aware of this vehicle before I saw the one mentioned in a museum this week - if there's any more in the UK i'd be interested in any photographs etc. The photos used in this post were taken from here and here.


  1. You might be interested in this photo which has had us puzzled for days!

  2. 1935 view of several Airstreams outside a showroom: